About Us

CEO / Founder

For as long as Nikki T. can remember, she has had an affinity for all things fashion. "I always had an eye for style. Putting an outfit together has always come easy to me so I took my passion and ran straight into the world of fashion," Through Nikki's experience in the fashion industry, she has handpicked her resources of like minded partners that share her philosophy of fashion and launched a new part of her company, the MasterPieces Boutique Store.

Welcome to MasterPieces Boutique Store!

Every woman deserves to be beautiful by owning the apparel of their dreams. MasterPieces Boutique Store is your one-stop latest fashion that will go above and beyond to provide a genuine brand, and unique style just for you. We want to succeed in improving the confidence, and self-esteem of the customers who use our products.

Our Promise

That every apparel purchased from the MasterPieces Boutique Store has three characteristics – high quality, beauty and durability